Music, is are a whole world! isn't right? When we need a backing track we seach everywhere! We look it up all along the internet and we try to find them for free, that should be the goal! then cause we can't find it we try on youtube to see if there is any chance we can download the music from there. But what happens when you can't find it elsewhere, if you need to buy the song. Where do you go? How much you will need to pay in order to get that music that satisfty your needs?. Well, let me tell you you're in the right place, this is not a simple website, you're in the website of the best backing tracks manufacturers in the world. Yes! We make backing tracks, not only for singers, but also for karaoke manufacturers from america to china, cdg and big video companies, etc. We do it very simple! Let me explain you how this works! How can you get your custom tracks done.

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First of all, let's consider the following situation. Are you a professional entertainment singer? Are you a Karaoke Dj? Or do you want to use the backing tracks just for fun? The music is the same, no matter the purpose, our music will not change because your activities. What must change is your way to see things about this. If you're a professional musician or performer, you can't search trough the web to see if you can get the backing track for free, because you must get a professional high quality audio file instead of downloading a poor quality and cheesy sound. In our website you will find years of experience in the backing tracks business! Yes! Visit our full song list page by page or use our searcher to find your songs. Play the demos and you will notice why using our backing tracks, and pay, is the best thing you can do for yourself. Our quality will exceed your expectations and on stage you will delight people with the music. Give your show that sound detail that makes you hireable more than others.

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