backing tracks, a whole world! Yes! there are several sites selling backing tracks all the time, but who make them? Who create the most amazing tracks ever made? Who is the people behind the sound? Yes! We are! From the year 2001 we make the most beautiful backing tracks ever made. We have amazing programmers working for us, they handle a great sound quality and live instrumentation. All our backing tracks are created with real instruments and proper ending backing tracks. Playing our music you’ll listen not only a simple song but years of experience on music and recording. We can say we are the best! But to be honest, we are really great! Please listen to the demos, they are playable near each track name. Visit the Full List page.

As I told you there are hundred of brand new sites everyday making backing tracks. What we do is make the song from scratch, yes! from scratch. All our production has been recorded by us all across the years. When a person play our tracks they feel confortable because we make the songs suitable to any speaker. If you listen the song in the car it will sound fantastic, if you listen to the backtrack in the house, using a tv and of course live backing track you will be very happy because it will sound really great! How we do it? We have experience and we know what do you need. Our recording studios are prepared to suit any need.