Our custom backing tracks sound brilliant and powerful because we create them from scratch recording instrument by instrument. We use to improve the original reference to achieve the best quality.

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Do you know how many backing tracks programmers are over there? But are they really offering you what you’re looking for? When you stand up on the stage and the music starts playing are you pleased with your provider sound? Our custom backing tracks are recorded with real instrumentation. The sound is ranked the best of the best. Listen to our demos.

Many people do not understand the concept of “backing tracks” being a little confusing the result of what you are looking for. A backing track, as its name suggests, is a musical track accompanying the singer. This is done by recording all the instruments from scratch. Some people ask me every day if I can remove the lead voice to the original audio reference, but I tell them no. That is impossible if we are looking for a product with professional quality. I do not make cheap copies. You are investing in quality, whether to use live or to record an album. The technical details are probably escaping your knowledge and therefore I do not wish to confuse you. Believe me! you will receive an excellent product.

custom backing tracks

custom backing tracks

How to get custom backing tracks

  • 1. First of all you must know we need to listen to the original song, we need you to provide the original audio references in order to quote the proper song and no other. So please send the original audio via email, it could be a mp3, wma, m4a or a youtube online video.

  • 2. You’ll get a quote and a link to make the payment of your song. Upon payment we’ll send the song to production. We accept pay pal payments which is very secure.

  • 3. Once your productions are complete we’ll send them to you via email in mp3 format or any other audio format you request.

  • 4. You’ll get a brand new backing track with a brilliant and improved sound. It’s very common the final result sound better than the original song, because we record instrument by instrument from scratch with the intention of improving the quality.

  • 5. You’ll enjoy one of the best services in music recording! Try today and get your first track done.

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